Bendalong Rd Conjola

The scope of work was to revamp and update this beautiful family home

This beautiful property on Bendalong Rd is situated in the National Park of Conjola.

The owner’s brief was to upgrade the interior to create a new dimension.

The aim is to transform the already beautiful individual spaces of the home in to a sophisticated style property that will give the owner a new beginning.

The bathroom and toilet are not any longer appropiate to todays standard and neede a total make-over.

In the 3 months time-frame we worked very closely with the owner to establish a interior that provides her with a style that not only compliment the house but suits her lifestyle.

With new furniture pieces, a light colour paint palette and new hampton style blinds the owner stepped into a new home that has a sophistication and style.

The result is astonishing and the house is transformed into a property where the owner feels at home.