Concepts and Ideas

A small job for a special client.

Sourcing designer furniture pieces to suit the small lounge area and totally transformed the look at feel of the space

Sample – colour boards are important part of the design services and allows the client an inside of how the materials, colour palette and design concepts work and suits the expectations of the clients

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 12.16.22 pm

Ideas to inspire and transform you plain walls into a design that last the time and is inspirational.Filip Janssen

The client requested  a custom made cornet unit to store toys that doesn’t take up space and suits the existing lounge area.


Wallpaper from Piet Hein van Eek and Piet Boon – The Netherlands.

These days wallpaper has become a feature with sophistication.

Piet Boon wallpaper

Decor Ideas to enhance your interior and add atmosphere


Wallpaper Designs from Piet Boon – The Netherlands.